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vote. president obama and mitt romney took time off the campaign trail today as they propose for their first debate. the president gradually pulling ahead in the polls, most analysts believe it will be a crucial night for president obama. chris christie says he expects romney to deliver. >> i think what we need is a big and bold performance on wednesday night and that's what he's going to give us. >> this is the ballgame for mitt romney right any because if he doesn't do well at the debate it will be very hard for him to get back in it. >> meanwhile president obama is reportedly hold up in this nevada resort preparing to confront romney. >> what the president will have to do early on is to jump start this the way you would do a jump ball and make sure that mitt romney never gets the ball back. >> if the election were held today, an associated press poll shows mr. obama well within reach of the 270 electoral votes needed for a win with ohio and iowa now among the states he would carry. romney would need to quickly gain the upper hand in nearly all of the nine states where he a
hate speech. the spokesman says this is constitutionally protected speech. >> mitt romney is hoping his strong per fompl yens can put momentum on his side and a gallup poll shows the president in a four point lead no, nation wide poll has been done yet but several instant polls give romney a win by more than a 2-1 margin. both hit the campaign trail today. president obama spent the day in colorado and wisconsin and will be coming back next week for another fund-raiser. and tickets start at $100 going as high as $7500s. >> a national campaign passed through the bay area today this is is orered to inform voters and calls itself patriot majority usa, targeting billionaire contributors. they want to rally opposition to cal proposition 32. >> we like to advocate and support measures helping get funding back into education. but these people don't believe in us having a voice. >> it would ban corporate and union contributions to state and local candidates. >> there are gas prices never as high in this state. triple a says the price jumped 18 cents and there is $4:32 on average. one station has
'll scheduled for thursday. and mitt romney is keeping busy and the crowd at his rallies are growing. here's the latest. >> mitt romney spent a second consecutive day asking for votes in florida. >> the republican contender is ride something momentum from last week's debate. he has drawn his biggest crowds of the came pain. 6,000 last night in orlando, and 8,000 today in port st. lucy. >> you hard a chance to hear his answer or nonanswer. now, of course, days later, we're hearing his excuses, and next january we'll be watching him leave the white house for the last time. >> president obama arrived in california today for a two-day fundraising swing in the solidly democratic state. tonight he'll attend a star studded event at the nokia theater. celebrities on hand to support the president's eelection. over two days the obama campaign is expected to raise a minimum of $59 million. when it comes to raising campaign cash, the president shattered records. last month the president's campaign and democratic party raised $181 million, bringing his re-election total to 835 million. romney's racesse
and romney will be in iowa. >> thank you. and abc 7 news is live outside the president's second bay area stop and there are protestors waiting to greet the president. >> there are protestors and supporters. the president knows where to get the money when he needs the money, hoping to raise $4 million in next 24 hours. and there is a air force one arriving at 1:45 this afternoon. the president has those fund-raisers on his agenda he's coming here for a one to $200 per person concert featuring john legend when the president and secret service seal the area, it's safe to say the numbers outnumber prot testors let's hear from both sides. >> is this the music or president? >> it's important. it's historical. i believe he needs to be back to back. he started a job and needs to be able to complete it. >> do you think you can influence people? >> no. but we plant seeds for having a second thought. i doubt it. and there is loyal opposition for november. >> later on, the president is going to have a party and to,000 a day dinner. and the president will spend the night in san francisco and wil
clinton to say that but it's not going to make this go away. >> republican mitt romney criticized the obama administration's response to the attacks. >> president obama and mitt romney getting set to begin second debate in less than an hour this, is a look inside of the complex at hofstra university where the debate will take place. this is a town hall style debate. >> it s it presents challenges and risks for both. mitt romney needs tonl a tie to stay neck in neck for the race for the white house. the president needs to show he's in the game. today saying he's feeling fine. after the first debate it's clear he must up his performance. >> style hatters more than substance in these things. it's how come across on television. >> only 5% are still undecided in this race. tonight it will be undecided voters asking the questions that have been preselected by the moderator. romney's camp says the bet jer president in this setting. he'll need to be if you wants to makeup ground lost inhe first debate. >> thank you. a reminder. the presidential debate begins tonight at 6:00 we're going to
. >> mitt romney is spending the weekend in ohio. this debate could be a tough challenge for him because he is seen as being more emotionally distance than the president. >> traditional wisdom is governor romney is not as good as connecting with the voters as president obama. >> just 23 days remain until election day. now, the next debate, tuesday, president obama and mitt romney are going to be meeting at hofstra university in new york. this one is going to be a town hall meeting format. abc-7 will carry it live starting at 6:00 p.m. >>> the longest serving u.s. senator in pennsylvania history has died. arlen specter served 30 years in the senate, was a former chairman of the senate judiciary committee and paid a key role in many supreme court nominations in 2009, the long-time republican became a democrat because he did not think he could win the nomination for a sixth team in an increasingly conservative g.o.p. he lose the primary. specter died from complications from non-hodgkin's him -- lymphoma. he was 82 years old. >> coming up, 15 hours late, the space shuttle endeavour makes it to
on detectives. >> president barack obama and mitt romney off the campaign trail today, preparing for tomorrow's debate. michelle obama filed her absentee ballot. the president will send his in 10 days from now. vice presidential candidate paul ryan served up barbecue to people in cincinnati. ohio going to be one of the key states in deciding who becomes president. >> president take ofz in a poll about trust. abc news asked who they would rather leave their child with. 46% said barack obama. 36%, mitt romney. analyst say hez reserved demeanor may be the reason for that increase. >> abc 7 will carry the second presidential debate live tomorrow night start agent 6:00 right here on abc 7. >> coming up a lawmaker explains how the outcome of the election could spell trouble for food banks here and across the country. >> from michael finney alarming rate seafood is being mislabeled and the dangers it presents, especially to pregnant women. >> live from the roof of abc 7 news there r -- we have a fall like warm up coming. wait until you can see the temperatures coming up. >> battle of the sexes comes
years so there is a significant event. mitt romney says the drop isn't good enough. >> reason its come down is more people just stopped looking for work. >> this news is not an excuse to try to talk down the economy to store points. it's a reminder this country has come too far to turn back now. >> this romney campaign feeling energized but the jobs report may squash some of the phone shall momentum. stocks rally early and there is a mixed closing dow closed at 13610. >> new unsealed legal documents reveal details in the case of a san jose teacher accused of child molestation. that indicates the principal knew the lurid detail buzz failed to report the teacher. >> there is almost since she was initially charged in this case attorneys have been trying to keep notes sealed and there is a three pages. the principal wrote almost a year ago. >> this teacher is facing felony charges, prosecutors say he molested five girls at ob wailly elementary school. and this is notes taken by the principal. the three pages are notes the principal hand wrote when one child came forward and told her what's
there is republican presidential candidate mitt romney stepped up campaigning in ohio today and there is a strong showing during last week's first presidential debate. polls show a narrowing race. >> there are people producing sesame street asking the obama campaign to take down a campaign featuring big bird. here is the ad. >> big bird, big bird its me, big bird. >> big, yellow. a menace to our economy. and milt romney knows it's not wall street have you to worry about. it's sesame street. >> i'm going to stop the subsidy to pbs. >> zp this sesame me street folks say they don't endorse candidates for participate in political campaigns. obama campaign says it's taking their request under advisement. >> a's going up against tigers tonight and trying to keep playoff hopes alive. there is they they are down. >> you would think they are up, not down. everybody thinks they're going to pull off a sweep and move on to the next round and if there is anyone that can do it, it's the a's. and there is where they swept owe get into playoffs. these guys are going to have fun. >> this is what it's all about. y
of a dire water situation. >> in less than an hour, mitt romney and president obama will face off in their final debate before the election. here is a live look. the debate crucial to both candidates. a poll shows race is now at a dead heat. romney's aides say this could be a tougher debate for him. recent polls show the president has the advantage on foreign poll sif. among those invited is scott van doozer the pizza shop owner who gave president obama a big bear hug during a stop in florida last month. tonight's debate set to begin at 6:00. you can watch live right here on abc 7. after the debate you can catch abc 7 beginning at 6:00 follow bid jeopardy, wheel of fortune and prime time what would do you at 10:00 then our late news at 11:00. >> still laughing about that bear hug. >> precious hours remain for those who want to vote. if you have not yet registered today is the deadline. people were streaming in to sign up. outreach workers will be at bart stations tonight. >> have nothing to complain about. >> we've had 15 people utilize our early voting counter already. we're open
the debate when mitt romney made big bird a symbol of big government. romney says he loves big bird but would cut funding for pbs. google searches for the term big bird costume shot up after the remarks. so. >> i'm still thinking about the coupons.. >> what about second date? p good advice. >> yes. >> thank you. >> meat eaters taking in less protein. average person ate 93.3 pounds of meat last year. that is due in part to disease and drought. carnivores if developing countries eat 174 pounds of meat per year on average. over 100 pounds more than people in other skount tris.. >> let's talk about the weather forecast. will the weather hold? >> absolutely. i know. there are clouds out there right now it's 60 degrees at at and t park. game one underway a little breezy out there. i think it's looking good for game one and better for game two. you can see there is instability in the atmosphere, we're still tracking showers out there. you may see one pops up there. we do have light rainfalling now. it's not measuring around the north bay. they've measured about a trace in the past hour. lake port we
, a big impact. president obama and challenger, mitt romney, cancelled events. governor romney was going to head to new hampshire. the president to ohio tomorrow. president obama back in washington, actually touring fema today, making sure that federal preparations are in place and the federal resources are ready to go. but both men will be back on the trail and there's only a week left. >> ama: live from ocean city, maryland, thank you for that report. >>> we will stay on top of the latest storm developments. our superstorm sandy coverage continues on abc-7 at 6:00, and 11:00 p.m. and get updates at any time on >> in other news this evening, at least 1 people must find a new place to live for the time being after a fire drove them from their homes in san jose. the fire broke out around 7:30 this morning in a condominium complex on creek side drive. the flames moved quickly after the fire started in a building that houses several garages. >> the structure did catch on fire. the fire went from the garage into the attic space of the townhome, and also spread laterally, damaging m
moment and there is romney looking to makeup ground lost in key swing states, you can consumer watch it here start agent 6:00 tonight and this is also going stream live for you. >> an information sharing program has grown into a boondoggel producing little information on terrorists that. is the charge contained in a panel report issued today. panel members charge homeland security with spending almost $1.5 billion on intelligence sharing senters row viding useless reports. and a new report reveals how president obama would have handled the september 11th mastermind had he survived the raid last year. the author said the president wanted to put bin laden on trial z says however that did he not expect him to go down without a fight. that book is due out in a couple weeks october 16th. >> still to come there is also, facebook rolls out a new way to give your posting better visibility. but this will cost you. >> the famous local aviateo who rode shotgun today, lucky guy. >>> national aviation hero is helping kick off fleet week. it's touching down after a ride along with blue angels toda
in his pocket. >> president obama and his republican opponent, mitt romney, spent the day preparing for their third and final debate in florida. the president hunkered down with his aides at camp david. >> figure out which of the players is best and take them out early. >> thunderstorm0s faceoff in boca raton, florida, one of the last major opportunities for the candidates to capture the attention of millions of voters, especially those in the group who have not made up their mines. >> looking forward to the next disease bait. i'd like to hear what they have to say, especially how they see the position of america in the middle east changing. >> tomorrow's debate will focus exclusively on foreign policy, and the third and final presidential debate; the debate starts at 6:00 p.m. and you can watch it lite here on abc-7. >> midnight tomorrow is the deadline to register if you wont to vote in november. several county registrars will be holding last-minute registration events, and you can also register through the online voter registration system. we have a link to the system on our web
Search Results 0 to 13 of about 14